List of Questions Considered at the Conference

  1. What modern methods of breast reconstruction exist and how do they help to improve the quality of life of post-mastectomy patients?
  2. How are innovative technologies such as 3D printing and telemedicine used to optimize the recovery process after mastectomy?
  3. What aspects of psychological support are considered most effective in helping patients adjust to their new life after mastectomy?
  4. How do physical activity and sports influence the recovery process and improve the general condition of patients after mastectomy?
  5. How can the approach to recovery be personalized to take into account the individual characteristics of each patient?
  6. How can the public help spread the word about mastectomy recovery and patient support?
  7. What challenges and barriers do professionals in mastectomy recovery face, and what future plans are being developed to overcome these challenges?
  8. What new research and cutting-edge approaches to mastectomy recovery exist, and how might they change practice and treatment in the future?
  9. How can patients better prepare for mastectomy recovery and what can they expect as they adjust to the new changes?
  10. How can we improve patient access to best practices in recovery and ensure that innovative approaches are widely adopted in health care practice?