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Exciting News From Amoena!

" This past week Amoena Global created a press release announcing, the first of its kind, a new online platform called:” The Day I Was Told”. This initiative has been in the works for many months. Globally we have heard and felt that it was critical to offer a platform for all women facing a breast cancer diagnosis, needing somewhere to go for advice, a conversation, information, resources, etc, all in one location. Amoena, as the global leader in this industry, felt it was our responsibility to develop such a site, bringing support to these women better than we ever have. Amoena is committed to women. This is all we do, for over 43 years now. We have no other focus, no other product categories. Supporting women is in our DNA. Our new motto: Supporting women’s confidence to live an active life after a breast cancer diagnosis. Our wish, worldwide, is to be a life-long partner from the very beginning and at the same time, create more awareness about a vulnerable group in society, who need much more attention than they ever have had."

"With the launch of the new platform we aim to give women with breast cancer a voice, and a place to find support and guidance from the day they are diagnosed, through treatment and for the rest of their lives. The website contains inspirational real life stories from breast cancer survivors, advice, and information covering every step of their journey."


The online platform has been launched in the following countries with local information: US, Germany, UK and France. It will roll out to other countries, including Canada in the coming months. We hope you will find the initiative exciting and we look forward to continuing our great journey to support women’s confidence, together.


Go take a peek for yourself!

Note there is a section at the end of Chapter 4: Living where you can opt to join the online forum, and share your story as well as connect with other's who have, or are going through the same journey.

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